Some interesting titles to read

This is a list of recommendations originally published in the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”, that gives a sense of the feeling of some Europeans to World War I.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse By Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente (Book – 1918 )

One of the first “best-sellers”; published originally in Spanish in 1916 and translated into English in 1918, it gave a realistic description of the destruction of Europe after the Great War.

The Return of the Soldier By West, Rebecca (Book – 1918 ) Fiction West.R

A book that describes the impact of the war on people that actually have not gone through a war.

Storm of Steel By Jünger, Ernst (Book – 2004 ) Jünger, Ernst 940.4144 J95 (not in EPL)

An autobiography of the German philosopher Ersnt Junger, where we appraises the war and what comes from it.

The Good Soldier Svejk and His Fortunes in the World War By Hašek, Jaroslav (Book – 1973 ) Fiction Hasek.J

A fiction book that criticizes the institutions related to war such as the army, policies, or justice, through the extensive use of irony and satire.

Seven Pillars of Wisdom A Triumph By Lawrence, T. E. (Book – 1935 ) 953 Lawre.T

If you saw Lawrence of Arabia then you need to read this book.

Good-bye to All That By Graves, Robert (Book – 1957 ) B Grave.R Grave.R 1990

This book describes the massacre of an entire British generation during World War I.

All Quiet on the Western Front By Remarque, Erich Maria (Book – 1929 ) Fiction Remar.E 1958

Written during 1929 when the Nazi movement was building up, this novel presents a posture against the war, but mainly, against nationalism. It is based on the experience of the author as a soldier.

A Farewell to Arms By Hemingway, Ernest (Book – 1995 ) Fiction Hemin.E

As a young man, Ernest Hemingway drove ambulances during World War I. He describes part of his story in this book.

Fear A Novel of World War I By Chevallier, Gabriel (Book – 2011 ) Fiction Cheva.G

A book that describes the thoughts that thousands maybe millions of soldiers had during the time they spent in the trenches.

Johnny Got His Gun By Trumbo, Dalton (Book – 2007 ) Fiction Trumb.D

Thousands of mutilated soldiers survived to the war and to their injuries due to the advances of medicine, but were they really saved?

Journey to the End of the Night By Céline, Louis-Ferdinand (Book – 2006 ) Fiction Celin.L

Louis Ferdinand Celine is an extremely controversial author due to his anti-Semitic statements and his support to the Nazis, who wrote this extraordinary book describing the absurdity of war.

Journey Into the Past By Zweig, Stefan (Book – 2011 ) Fiction Zweig.S

This book is not about the Great War, but about the changes that Europe went after two World Wars, which meant the end of the world for many people.

The Guns of August The Proud Tower By Tuchman, Barbara W. (Book – 2012 ) 940.31 Tuchm.B

An interesting analysis of how the Great War began, with a great impact in history.

The Beauty and the Sorrow An Intimate History of the First World War By Englund, Peter (Book – 2011 ) 940.3 Englu.P

This book holds an impressive collection of testimonies of 20 survivors of the Great War.


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